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(Please allow 2-3 business days for a response due to a high volume of inquiries)

Why should I join the Youth Summer Programs?

If you are planning on going to Med School after your undergraduate degree, are interested in learning from some of Canada’s top professors and professionals, or just want to have a great summer learning about the subjects you‘re passionate about, the YSP is for you!

How do I apply for the YSP?

It’s easy! All you have to do is to follow the link under Application, fill out all the information and pay the registration and program fee. Once you have completed this information you will be directed to fill out supplemental forms and documents. If you have any questions during this process please contact us at Make sure to follow all the instructions on the registration document!

Can I live on residence during the YSP?

As of 2017 the program does NOT offer residence accommodation. Students must be able to provide their own accommodation, transport to and from the program each day, and meals. In the future we hope to offer optional residence. for those who require it. The University of Toronto Student Housing Services Website ( is a great resource for more information about what kind of accommodations are available on and around campus.

I’m an international student. Can I register for the YSP?

As we are no longer offering the residence for 2017 we cannot make accommodations or supervision to students outside of the academic component. However, international students that can provide their own accommodation and transport to and from the program each day are welcome to enroll. We do however recommend ensuring that they stay with a parent or family member as well as getting health insurance for their stay.

International Students need to be aware that all classes are taught in English. There is no language support in the YSP. Students’ English level should be at a High-Intermediate level.

If you have any questions regarding language requirements or student acceptance, please contact us at

Do I have to attend the entire program?

You can choose to attend only one, two, three, or all four modules offered by the program. The choice is yours! If you choose to attend multiple modules, they do not have to occur concurrently. For example, you could choose to attend the module offered in the first week of the program and the module offered in the third week of the program.

How does the admissions process work?

Once you have registered for the program and paid the fees, you will receive an email confirming that we have received it. This email should come to you within a couple of days of receiving the application. The confirmation email will contain more information about supplemental forms and documents which need to be completed as well as an Information Package for Students, Parents, and Guardians. Please ensure that you complete this supplemental information by 2018 Dates TBD. 

What are the admissions criteria?

Students applying to the University of Toronto’s Med YSP must be dedicated students currently enrolled in grades 10 and 11. Students who are currently in grades 9 and 12 are unfortunately not eligible for the Med YSP.

I’m going into grade 10 next year. Can I apply to the Med YSP?

Unfortunately, no. You must be currently enrolled in Grades 10 and 11 for the 2017-2018 school year (or going into Grades 11 and 12 in the Fall of 2018) to be eligible for the Med YSP.

I’m going into grade 9 next year. Can I apply to the Med YSP?

Unfortunately, no. The Med YSP is only available for students currently enrolled in grades 10 and 11.

Can I apply to the Research in the medical sciences module for 2017?

Unfortunately no. The research module is not being offered in 2017. However, we are planning to reintroduce the program for 2018. Preference is given to students that have attended Med YSP in previous years.

How much does the program cost?

The program fees will be posted in January. You can find out more about the relevant fees associated with the program in the Fees & Dates section.

What does the program fee include?

Here is a list of what is included in the cost:
–  Academic Content
– Program Materials
– Cost of all supplies and reagents
– Supervision by highly trained instructors
– Opportunities to learn about university life and admissions processes
– Career talks with professionals in their respective fields
– Memories to last a lifetime

Please note fees do not include lunch or transport to and from the program. For more information please visit the fees and dates section.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes, Scholarships are available to Canadian students to assist with program fees for the Faculty of Medicine’s Youth Summer Program (MED YSP).  Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate financial need and excellent academic merit.

The scholarship will allow the successful applicant to attend any of the four modules (Human Physiology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Pharmacology & Toxicology, or Microbiology) for duration of one-week. The scholarship includes the registration fee and payment of the program. The cost of transportation to and from the program, lunch, and accommodation is not included in the scholarship. Additional scholarships are available to students who identify as Aboriginal (First Nations, Metis, Inuit, non-Status, etc.).

The application process differs for the scholarship, as they are more comprehensive. Please do NOT register for the program if you plan on applying for the scholarship as a certain number of spots are reserved for scholarship students. Click here to obtain more information on how to apply. If you have any questions regarding the scholarship, please contact us at

How much can I expect my commute to cost?

This varies depending on where you are located. For more information about arriving to and from campus please look at the own arrival to program page.

Is lunch provided?

Lunch is not included in the program fees. Students are welcome to bring their own lunch or to buy lunch at the various cafeterias, restaurants, and food trucks in the surrounding vicinity to UofT.

I’m from out of town. Will there be someone to pick me up?

No. It is up to the student to ensure that they can transport themselves to and from campus every day during the course of the program. Please visit the own arrival to program page for more information about transportation to and from campus.

Can I leave campus on my own?

No, aside from commuting to and from campus, if students need to leave campus at any point during the day, they will need to be signed out by a parent/guardian by sending us an email at AT LEAST 24hrs in advance. A staff member must be informed when you leave and upon your return. Please be aware that there are rules at the YSP that must be followed by all students (even if you are 18). For more information about sign-outs please see our page on Sign-outs, Illnesses, and Typical Day Schedule.

How many students can register for the YSP?

There is limited space available in the Medicine YSP. For the Med YSP, there is a maximum enrollment of 120 students per week. The program tends to fill up quickly, so we recommend enrolling as soon as possible.

Is there a wait list available?

Yes. Wait lists are available as spots may open up due to cancellations. The wait lists are carried out on a first-come, first-served basis. We will email the parent/guardians of the first person on the waiting list if a space becomes available.

Does the YSP offer either high school or university credit?

No, the YSP are non-credit courses – though they’ll look great on your resumes and in your university applications!

When is the application deadline?

There is no official deadline for applications to the YSP. The programs, however, are available to a limited numbers of students. Therefore, we HIGHLY suggest that you register as soon as possible.

Is there internet access?

Students will have access to the University of Toronto’s WiFi network in all public areas such as in the lecture and lab rooms.

What will I need in the way of spending money?

Aside from the cost of transport, students may wish to buy lunch, snacks, or drinks on campus. If students are planning on buying lunch, we suggest you budget $10-$15/meal. The rest is at your discretion.

What kind of supervision is provided?

Students are supervised by lab instructors who are highly motivated and knowledgeable in the material while being well versed in health and safety protocols. The instructors are great resources for high school students, as they have all been through exactly what you’re going through right now! Questions about university? Life in general? Ask away!

Is there a dress code?

During class, students enrolled in the Med YSP are REQUIRED to wear closed toed shoes and long pants (jeans are fine) during all labs. In Addition, if you have long hair please bring a hair tie or another method to tie hair back.

Will attending the YSP guarantee me admission into the Faculty of Medicine?

No. Although participation in the YSP program will look very good on a resume, it is an enrichment program and cannot be exchanged for any academic credit. Additionally, studies in medicine are post-graduate, which means you have to complete at least three years of undergraduate studies before you can apply to the Faculty of Medicine.

What is your cancellation policy?

The registration fee of $98.00 CAD is non-refundable.

Final payment for all programs is due at the time of initial registration. If payment is not received by this time, program enrollment cannot be guaranteed.

Any student cancelling his or her registration before 2018 DATES TBD will receive a refund (less the $98.00 CAD non-refundable application fee).

Program Fees are non-refundable after 2018 DATES TBD.